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1st Meeting of "WILDWINE"

Kick Off Meeting of WILDWINE projectHosted by the Cooperative Winery of [...]

2nd meeting

The 2nd WILDWINE meeting took place in Bordeaux France on Thursday 20th of June 2013 hosted by the [...]

3rd meeting of WILDWINE

The 3rd project meeting hosted by ARALDICA and University of Turin at Il Cascinone, Acqui Therme, [...]

4th meeting

4th Meeting of WILDWINE project in Tarragona, Spain hosted by URV, DOQ Priorat and Ferrer Bobet  [...]

5th meeting

The 5th progress meeting of WILDWINE hosted by the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation "DEMETER" at [...]

6th meeting - workshop

The last meeting of the project hosted by the Cooperative Union of Peza in Herakleion Crete [...]

Overall impact

‘WILDWINE’  will have a significant impact for the EU wine sector, the consumers and the society:

  • Launching in the market of novel products, ‘wild-ferment’ wines, in line to the ‘terroir concept’ and consumers’ demands
  • Compliance with regulations for organic wine production and biogenic amines content
  • Increased sales due to consistent high quality and attractive nature of wines as consumers expect to be
  • Quality research results on feasibility and application of standard, efficient fermentation procedures that could be readily delivered to wine companies, many of which operate at the SMEs level in several EU-member states
  • Assistance towards wine-producing SMEs for maintaining and further improving competitiveness, especially with New World countries
  • Preservation of the microbial diversity within viticultural regions and reinforcement of the wine-viticultural sector towards a more environmentally sustainable development
  • Promotion of the local economy and employment


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